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Rees Finley ~ Declaration of Independents Podcast #18


“On our host’s journey to recovery he comes to the conclusion that while he may never be the best person in the world….he can aspire to be the best Rees Finlay he can be. But this dream was quickly shattered when he learnt of Rees Finley, the talented songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from California…”

“Now in a stunt that is the biggest threat to the space-time continuum since the turning of the hadron collider, Rees joins Rees on the podcast to talk about what it’s like being Rees and how Rees can benefit from the teachings of Rees in this interview with Rees conducted by Rees.”

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Host: Rees Finlay

Guest: Rees Finley

Running Time: 26 min 06 sec

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