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Juice Aleem ~ Declaration of Independents Podcast #33


“Juice Aleem joins Rees on the podcast to talk about the upcoming B-Side Hip-Hop Festival in Birmingham, as well as some deep talk about egos, mental health, and the media.”

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“Juice Aleem is a rapper from Birmingham, England. After putting years of energy into the Birmingham Hip Hop scene, Juice’s “Ghetto Grammer” Freestyle rap sessions started featuring such other future stars as Ty, Skinnyman, and MPHO. In 1996 Will Ashon starts up his new Ninja Tune backed label Big Dada and plans a roster of performers. Bandit of Birmingham’s MSI/Asylum crew informs Will of Juice as he is contemplating who can truly represent the ethos of the new label. Ashon is impressed with the music and agrees to have Aleem on board. The results of this is the first release of the now iconic record label.

In 1997 Juice features on Big Dada record label’s first ever release, “Misanthropic”, under the pseudonym “Alpha Prhyme”, a collaboration between himself and Luke Vibert. As a regular compere and host for Ninja Tune and their events, Aleem ended up working with the true veterans of the label, Coldcut, and touring with them around Russia, China, New Zealand, Luxembourg, Korea, Japan, Thailand, and Ukraine.”

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Juice Aleem ‘On Bid Dada’ on Ninja Tune

And the B-Side Hip Hop Festival here

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Declaration of Independents Podcast Episode #33

Host: Rees Finlay

Guest: Juice Aleem

Running Time: 59 min 12 sec

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