Who is Emporium Purgatorio?

Emporium Purgatorio (EmpPurg) is the Shop side as well as the creative outlet for our Indie Comic obsession.emporium-purgatorio-logo-with-letters

EmpPurg seeks to promote Art for Art’s sake, with an absolute moral compass focused on the Artists and the passions their comics, writing, and music represent.

How does the Comic & Art Shop work?

Emporium Purgatorio is seeking to grow a community focused on truly supporting Indie Artists & Projects. We believe that ‘just adding’ an Artist’s comic or print next to a sea of others does no service to the Artist or the Reader.

All Indie Comics & Art on display for sale are not only recommended by Emporium Purgatorio but the Artists themselves we support to the best of our abilities.

We will also be continuously adding to our Alan Moore Comics & Art collection. These are from Personal Collections. Many being Artist’s Proofs and truly unique. All being works of art in their own right.

Is it possible to ‘make a living’ (not starve to death in the cold) creating and sharing what you love: Alan Moore/Subversives/Writing/Indie Comics/Literature/Art/Magic, with the same integrity as the artists represented? That you are reading this gives the obvious answer: One can try!

So one (that would be me) began a real attempt in early 2016. It will continue here…with effort, persistence, and love for the craft, hopefully for many years to follow.

To paint comic books as childish and illiterate is lazy – Alan Moore