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Wallis Eates ~ Declaration of Independents Podcast #17


“Wallis Eates is an artist who was shortlisted for the Myriad Editions First Graphic Novel Award in 2014 for her memoir about growing up with her single mum, ‘Mumoirs’.”

 “She has since produced a number of zines and self-published comics, with ‘Fear of Mum-Death and the Shadow Men’ making the shortlist for the Broken Frontier Award’s ‘Best One-Shot’ category. Wallis is currently crowdfunding ‘Like an Orange’ with Unbound Books which is a comic about the brain injury survivors she met during a residency at the charity Headway last year. She joins Rees on the show to discuss her career, her latest project and her work as a coordinator of Laydeez do Comics.”

To pledge and support ‘Like an Orange’ please click here to go to Unbound funding page.


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Host: Rees Finlay

Guest: Wallis Eates

Running Time: 24 min 26 sec

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