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Rees Finlay ~ Declaration of Independents Podcast #34 (part 1 of 2)


“In a change up to the formula, Mark Andrew from takes over hosting duties to get the life story of Rees Finlay. Rees is currently the regular host of this podcast, and a former awards nominated comics creator and sketch artist for obscure sci-fi franchises such as Star Wars. Rees opens up about his early years in education, and the career path that led to the comic books he released.

*Trigger Warning* this episode contains themes of mental health and suicidal ideations.”

Rees Finlay ~ Declaration of Independents Podcast on Soundcloud

*Disclaimer, for legal reasons and for the safety of Rees’s mental health, certain anecdotes and medical details have been omitted from this interview*

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John Constantine ~ Art by Rees Finlay






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Declaration of Independents Podcast Episode #34

Host: Mark Andrew

Guest: Rees Finlay

Running Time: 59 min 12 sec

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