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Gareth A Hopkins ~ Declaration of Independents Podcast #29

“Gareth A Hopkins specializes in abstract comics, notably The Intercorstal: 683 and Found Forest Floor. He joins Rees to talk about his comics work, how abstract art fits in a comics medium, and an exceptionally open conversation on the creative process, anxiety, and perceptions of your peers.”

Gareth A Hopkins ~ Declaration of Independents Podcast on Soundcloud

“Gareth is a very thoughtful creator and I enjoy talking about his work with him. He often steps outside of the comfy world of superheroes, the autobiographical and horror and sci-fi – and cats – to create something monumentally different yet nonetheless intriguing and original.” ~ Antony Esmond on ‘Down The Tubes’


Found Forest Floor ~ art and photo Gareth A Hopkins 


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John Constantine ~ Art by Rees Finlay






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Declaration of Independents Podcast Episode #29

Host: Rees Finlay

Guest: Gareth A Hopkins

Running Time: 42 min 41 sec

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