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Al Davison ~ Declaration of Independents Podcast #6 – Part 1 of 2


Art ~ Storytelling ~ Disability ~ Surviving

Al Davison & Rees Finlay in Conversation on ‘The Declaration of Independents’ Podcast #6

“The first part of 2 special episodes featuring an epic interview with comics legend Al Davison. Al is an English comic book writer and artist from Newcastle, England. He now resides in Coventry, where he runs The Astral Gypsy, his studio and comic shop with his wife Maggie

The Spiral Cage by Al Davison – photo & interview BBC

…He is most famous for his autobiographical graphic novel The Spiral Cage, which describes his lifelong struggle with spina bifida and his rise to successful comic book creator, martial arts instructor, filmmaker, and performer. The Spiral Cage featured in Tony Isabella’s 1000 Comic Books You Must Read..” ~ RF


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Host: Rees Finlay

Guest: Al Davison

Running Time: Part 1 – 48 min 25 sec

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