Artist’s Editions

All good things related to our AE Artists


As Emporium Purgatorio and our community continue to grow, so will our Artist’s Editions. This is our beginning…


EmpPurg was honored to have begun with two exceptional artists and all around decent people 🙂 Please see some of their stories and support their works both here and directly.


Rees Finlay


Comic book creator, Topps artist for Star wars, walking dead etc and podcast host for ‘Declaration of Independents’.

Neil Jackson


Independent print-only press since 2014. Exploring psychogeography and related culture.


  • Sold Out

    Cometh the Moment, Cometh the Mandrill ~ Alan Moore & Neil Jackson

  • Film Without Film ~ Chris Petit & Neil Jackson

  • High Priestess Chapter One: Homecoming

  • High Priestess Chapter One: Homecoming ~ Signed

  • High Priestess Chapter Two: Those Left Behind

  • Improving the Image of Destruction ~ Iain Sinclair & Neil Jackson

  • The Blue Flame: A Graphic Novel ~ Signed

    Signed by Rees Finlay
  • The Suspension of Disbelief by Means of a Common Sense ~ Andrew Kotting & Neil Jackson


John Constantine ~ Art by Rees Finlay