Alan Moore Continuity Index

Alan Moore Continuity Index

What happened to ‘biography’? It is a Continuity Index because Alan Moore already has in-depth biographies from more capable writers; a Moore biography would necessarily include a Northampton biography, and again I would digress; most importantly, this will be fleshed out chronologically. The end thought is an easily navigable place that harbors Moore’s works, thoughts, provocations and supported provocateurs. (of course the end we set out for never seems to be where we land)



Elton Rail-yard Northampton, 1953

November – A neighborhood called the Boroughs. Moore tells a story of King Alfred the Great, who around 800 AD said, “it was foremost among the shires, which meant it was a capitol”. He still half in jest refers to the Boroughs as “still an alternative world capitol of Great Britain”. The imprimatur left on Moore by his still home neighborhood in Northampton, the county town of Northamptonshire, is seen throughout his works, as well as referenced by him often when speaking of his influences.


Watchmen published by DC Comics.


On the occasion of Alan Moore’s 40th Birthday, declares himself a Magician.




Providence published.


Jerusalem published.


March 4th – Participates in Arts Lab Northampton’s ‘Poetry Jam’ held at THE LAB in Northampton, England.

April 1st – Participates in Super Weird Substance’s ’14 Hour Super Weird Happening’ at The Florrie in Liverpool, England

*to be updated…of course! it is expounded upon, refined, and ultimately (hopefully) becomes a source for thought edification and expansion as well as a sidecar on the motorcycle of Moore’s beautiful and ugly and hopeful and scary ride along this rock floating in the heavens..

With the amount of art and work Moore has and continues to release, the choices seemed two: A severely bare bones content to begin, going deeply in depth a piece at a time, or use ‘public’ content already in existence and brush on the paint of connectivity and illumination as we go. I went with the latter 🙂