The Blue Flame: A Graphic Novel ~ 2nd Edition Revised (Digital)

The Blue flame is 4 years in the making and the final comic from the indie label 'Damn Dirty Comics' a 150-page graphic novel that is our magnum-opus as well as our swansong.

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A Place for Comics & Art

Emporium Purgatorio supports Art, Thought, and even the good old-fashioned enjoyment of a well-executed Comic.

If you dip your toe in, be ready to go swimming, whatever might be lurking below the surface…

Who is Emporium Purgatorio?

Emporium Purgatorio (EmpPurg) is the Shop side as well as the creative outlet for our Indie Comic obsession.

EmpPurg seeks to promote Art for Art’s sake, with an absolute moral compass focused on the Artists and the passions their comics, writing, and music represent.

How does the Comic & Art Shop work?

Emporium Purgatorio is seeking to grow a community focused on truly supporting Indie Artists & Projects. We believe that ‘just adding’ an Artist’s comic or print next to a sea of others does no service to the Artist or the Reader.

All Indie Comics & Art on display for sale are not only recommended by Emporium Purgatorio but the Artists themselves we support to the best of our abilities.

We will also be continuously adding to our Alan Moore Comics & Art collection. These are from Personal Collections. Many being Artist’s Proofs and truly unique. All being works of art in their own right.

Post-Nearly Press Limited Print Runs

Neil Jackson in conversation with Alan Moore, Iain Sinclair, Andrew Kotting, and Chris Petit.

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    The Blue Flame: A Graphic Novel ~ 2nd Edition Revised (Digital)

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    Sliced (Quarterly) Vol.2 ~ Special Kickstarter Edition

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    Food For Thought ~ Signed by Everyone

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    Echoes From The Drift 2 ~ Special Kickstarter Edition


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Richard Carrington ~ Declaration of Independents Podcast #9

For the 9th episode of the series, comic creator turned novelist Richard Carrington joins Rees to talk The Guys, Of Hearts and Hitmen, and the Furchester Hotel.

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Thank you Friends and Welcome New Faces :)

A Happy Mandrill


All systems are a go, go, go! Emporium Purgatorio is actively seeking/promoting Indie Comics, Indie Artists, and those that may have something to SAY through their art about our current climate of…well, of needing a ‘Mandrillifesto‘.

All characters are real. No names will be changed to protect anyone. Oh, and when I took 20 things and added another 3 from a friend, well wouldn’t you know! Magical!

Please, VOICES ARE NEEDED! Jump in on our comments, Artist’s Job Board, send an article or a revue. Make a comic. Sell your work here with no strings attached. Write a poem. Tell us to fuck off. *to be honest, this last one wouldn’t feel very good, but we support your right to give us the bird. we’re fans of aviary anyways.

To respectfully quote some of our favorite people… Watch This Space…


Featured image, ‘Key Keeper’ by James Ng (pronounced ‘ing’)

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#FreeArtFriday 5 ~ Post-Nearly Press (closed)

‘Cometh the Moment, Cometh the Mandrill’

Alan Moore sits down with Neil Jackson

*tomorrow, Emporium Purgatorio sits down with Neil Jackson about sitting down with Alan Moore

*yes, our backsides are well rested

Celebrating the release of ‘Cometh the Moment, Cometh the Mandrill’, book four in Neil Jackson’s Post-Nearly Press ‘Interview Series’, Emporium Purgatorio is offering a fresh, unread copy for #FreeArtFriday! Then please take a peek back here Saturday, Feb 4th, for an in-depth Artist’s Edition stemming from our own conversation with Neil about Alan Moore, Post-Nearly Press, and his ongoing Interview Series.


Actual Alan Moore book from Post-Nearly you will receive for #FreeArtFriday

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Neil Jackson ~ Artist’s Edition Part 1

Neil Jackson & Post-Nearly Press…*How to Stab-Staple Alan Moore

Welcome to Emporium Purgatorio’s Artist’s Edition. Here we are exploring Neil Jackson’s imprint, Post-Nearly Press, particularly through the lens of his most recent work with Alan Moore, ‘Cometh the Moment, Cometh the Mandrill’.


Alan Moore ~ by Marcus Hislop

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Emily Pearson ~ Declaration of Independents Podcast #8


The Wilds ~ Comics ~ Sequential Art

Emily Pearson & Rees Finlay in Conversation on ‘The Declaration of Independents’ Podcast #8

The Blue Flame ~ Art by Emily Pearson

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Al Davison ~ Declaration of Independents Podcast #7 – Part 2 of 2


Art ~ Storytelling ~ Disability ~ Surviving

Al Davison & Rees Finlay in Conversation on ‘The Declaration of Independents’ Podcast #7

“In the second and final part of our epic interview with comics legend Al Davison, we follow his career from the 90’s to the present day. Discussing his latest foray into autobio comics, Muscle Memory, along with the tough subject of discrimination and prejudice in society, and how it is portrayed in the media. As well we delve into his gothic romance ‘Future Echoes’ and his segment in JH Williams III anthology ‘WHERE WE LIVE’, in aid of the heartbreaking tragedy in Las Vegas in 2017.” ~ RF

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